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Advanced Platform for Metabolomics - MetaFi

We have our very own WebApp MetaFi releasing soon to showcase our capabilities. It consists of three tools:
MetaStat for Statistical Analysis
An online tool to carry out basic statistical analysis on metabolomics data. It offers a variety of pre-processing options to transform data as desired and perform a variety of statistical analyses like Heatmap, PCA, Volcano plots, Cloud plots, K-means, Distribution Box plots, Feature selection etc. It also provides transparent visualization of the quality of data and the effect of various normalizations on it. It also provides structures for annotated compounds if the Inchi key/Smile string is available.
Processed Data Visualization Tool
An online tool for visualizing processed metabolomics data. It provides a scatter plot for the peak groups and options to visualize corresponding XICs and MS2 fragmentation patterns for individual peak groups to give an in-depth view of the data.
MetaExplorer for Unprocessed Data Visualization
An online tool for visualizing unprocessed/raw metabolomics data. It facilitates TIC and targeted XIC visualization of raw data, so you have a transparent view of what your data looks like. It supports the visualization of both profile and centroid mode data.

MetaFi Sample Screens

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