About Clarity Bio Systems

About Us

As a pioneering company dedicated to delivering advanced solutions in diagnostics, bioprocess development, genome-scale metabolic modelling, and various omics-based application domains, we operate at the forefront of deep scientific and data-driven innovation. Our multidisciplinary team comprises seasoned professionals, including biologists, chemists, adept software developers, and skilled data scientists, all committed to tackling complex challenges through a seamless integration of wet lab experiments and sophisticated in-silico artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies.

Our Focus Areas

  • Developed AI/ML-based proprietary tool for identification and quantification of metabolites from LCMS and Ion Mobility based approach. The additional advanced statistical tool helps derive valuable insight using output from proprietary and open source tools. 
  • Development and protocol optimization for specialized diagnostics approaches using Metabolomics and Pathway analysis. 
  • Bio-process development of complex proteins from flask to bio-reactors including optimization.
  • On-demand service for metabolomics analysis and sample processing
  • Curation of Genome-scale Metabolic models of various organisms as per the demand and improving existing models.
  • Accurate quantification of 120+ metabolites in human plasma along with reporting their deviation from healthy population.

Our Guiding Principles


About The Founder

Prof. Pramod Wangikar

Prof. Pramod Wangikar:- He has 24+ years of experience in Metabolomics, flux analysis, bioprocess modelling and development. Institute Chair Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Bombay with 110+ publications in renowned journals. He likes to play Squash in his free time.

  • B. Chem. Eng. (UDCT, Mumbai, India, 1991)
  • Ph.D. (University of Iowa, USA,1995)