Metabolic Health Assessment

We have pioneered the development and optimization of innovative methodologies for measuring a diverse spectrum of metabolites in human blood. Leveraging cutting-edge LCMS and GCMS techniques, our approach enables comprehensive analysis. Results are contextualized within the reference ranges established from samples of a healthy cohort. Additionally, we offer customized reports tailored for individuals leading active lifestyles, including athletes, aimed at optimizing their performance levels.

Our extensive portfolio comprises over 90 metabolites spanning various categories, including Mitochondrial Health, Fuel Cell Oxidation, Amino Acids, Bile Acids, Vitamins, Indoles, Neurotransmitters, Metabolic Disorders, Fatty Acids, Lipids, and more. Each report includes valuable inferences and personalized recommendations designed to assist individuals in addressing any identified metabolic irregularities. Furthermore, we provide tailored dietary suggestions aimed at enhancing overall metabolic well-being.

Sample PDF Report. It is a sample report but the actual report will contain many more metabolites.