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Our Expertise

AI/ML based Data Analysis & Interpretation
Deep Learning based proprietary algorithms are applied to specific challenges based on years of experience. Solutions for 3D, 4D and 5D data that come with the latest LC and MS technologies.
Global Metabolic Profiling
Our advanced LC and MS technologies and curated in-house libraries make it easier to find needles in metabolic haystacks. Our complete statistical analysis tool provides clean data and outcome for accurate visualization.
Bioprocess modeling and optimization
Metabolic flux analysis with 13C labelling is applied to understand the metabolic pathways involved. Our domain expertise helps us identify and monitor metabolites associated with toxicity and low growth rate.


We are a deep science and data solution-driven organization focused on helping deliver solutions in diagnostics, bioprocess development and omics-based application areas. We are a team of biologists, chemists and data scientists focused on solving challenges using wet lab and in-silico AI/ML-based approaches. Here are a few key focus areas we have delivered value for our customers:

We Are Dedicated To Provide Quality Metabolomic Services

Highly Accurate Results

The machine learning based tools help in generating accurate results

Thorough and detailed Analysis

The output from our tool is backed up by a dedicated and experienced analyst team

Time-Saving and Efficient

Our data analysis pipeline minimizes the time a human experts

Advanced AI Software tool

The AI tool has been trained with data available in the public domain but curated by our experts.

Our Services